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Kabar BeriLink - If you love keeping birds as a pet, you should know by now that putting the feeders on a certain area in your yard or hanging them on tree branches is not always a good idea. The struggle is definitely real if you have raccoons or squirrels as they usually use the branches for climbing above the feeder and then jumping or sliding down to it.

Your concern is doubled if you have outdoor cats. Hence, you need robust extra protection against these naughty, playful animals. Why not install a tall bird feeder pole with the pulley? Your birds will surely love the idea of protecting themselves and their feeders against intruders while enjoying a comfortable nest!

What is a Bird Feeder Pole?

Before digging deeper, let us familiarize ourselves first with bird feeder pole and how it will benefit your feathered friend as well as yourself.

You surely have trouble attracting and feeding birds at some point. Some birds hesitate to come back due to the animals that continuously intrude their privacy or simply they ran out of food supply. And in some cases, people find it less appealing to hang feeders on tree branches. This is where a bird feeder pole comes to the rescue.

It is a 2 to 8-meter (or even above) pole used to promote a more protected and efficient feeding – usually made of steel and hollow or solid steel. PVC and galvanized iron are also popular materials. You can easily install the feeder pole directly onto the ground and then put some heap of rocks or cement around (if you fancy the idea) to make it sturdier.

The pole allows the placing and hanging of feeders at the full spot as possible. Hence, preventing competition and attacks from animals while at the same time making the food easily accessible to the birds. Additional features like dishes, hooks, and pulley offer roosting spots. A bird feeder pole that is robust, easy-to-assemble, squirrel proof, and weather-resistant is definitely a good investment to consider.

Why Should You Use It?

Putting on a feeder pole has its equal share of advantages and drawbacks. Nevertheless, we will focus more on why it requires enough of your attention.

Drives intruders away

Perhaps the most crucial benefit of using a feeder pole. No matter how knavish they are, intruders like cats and squirrels will have difficulty climbing a pole. Make sure not to install it near the fence or trees because they might use them as a springboard to jump.

Aesthetic design

The role of a bird feeder pole is more than just protecting your feathered friend from squirrels, raccoons, and other animals that tend to hurt them. They can add charm to your garden too. Plus, most are built from solid metal design. Some are rust-proof, so you don’t have to worry about the paint or color of the pole gradually peeling. And since the height, perch, and color fit the birds well, attracting them will be a lot easier.

More control over the location

Moreover, buying a pole will give you more control of where exactly you want the feeder to place into. It could be as close to your window or as distant areas where animals stay. You also have a controlled feeding.

Height is adjustable

Pole has adjustable length while others come in various height, hence giving you flexibility on how tall you want the feeder to be.

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